Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Turn right just before the squirrel...

The Stockbridge Squirrel
Since watching the Stockbridge v Petersfield Town match, Petersfield have gone on to score twelve goals in two games, including a 7-3 victory at Amesbury! If you'd asked me if that was possible after the Stockbridge match, I would have laughed. But I suppose that's football!

Anyway, I mentioned to someone that I had taken a photo of the squirrel that adorns the wall of the former antiques shop opposite the entrance to the lane which leads up to Stockbridge Recreation Ground, and they said that they would like to see it, so here it is! The excuse that I have found to post it here is to assist anyone visiting Stockbridge FC with detailed directions once they reach the village, as the football ground is hidden away somewhat.

Okay, so assuming that you are coming by road from the north, east or south, you will reach a roundabout at the edge of the village. Head west towards the village, but when you see the squirrel (almost immediately), turn right up a narrow lane. You should see the sign pictured below:

The Recreation Ground entrance is close to the roundabout.
Next week there will be another match report, followed by two others this season. I think I then have enough Hampshire football-related material to post at least once a week during the summer, until it all starts again in a few months!

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