Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tuesday Night at Romsey Town

Floodlit trees at Romsey Town.
I've visited Romsey Town several times since I saw them lose 6-2 to Lymington Town last season, and I've yet to see them defeated since that humiliation. Last night, they beat their bogie team Christchurch 1-0 with a penalty at the death, scored by the deadly Simon De'ath. The regulars tell me that this was the first time they've beaten the well-organised Christchurch in living memory, so well done to Romsey!

I do go to matches other than the ones I post about, but I don't usually mention them. However, something caught my eye in the freshly-hacked undergrowth last night - something I'd not previously seen at Romsey...

Well hidden under a twig!
How could I have missed this before? What else must be hiding under twigs and leaves at Romsey Town?


  1. That rusty old roller looks just like a doner kebab!

  2. It would go down well in a pitta bread with some salad (not too much salad, mind). After a few pints, of course.