Monday, 26 November 2012

The Sun Sets Over Romsey Town

Spectacular colours over Romsey Town's By-Pass Ground.
Unsurprisingly, the match I was going to report on this week was rained off. I won't tell you where I was going, as I intend to return there in a week or two. I like to surprise you.

Instead, please accept these photos from rock-bottom Romsey Town's match last weekend against halfway-up-the-table Hamworthy United, taken as the sun went down behind the Romsey poplars.

A few minutes later, and the sun has almost disappeared.
Romsey lost 4-1. I fear that I may have brought misfortune upon them, choosing them as "my" local Wessex League club. Bottom of the league, eight successive defeats (or is it nine?)...

Nice sunset though.

(Like the jam in a Victoria sponge, this is filler...)

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