Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Romsey Town Snowman

The Romsey Town snowman, suitably dressed up for an afternoon at The By-Pass Ground.
Another Saturday, another match off - this time due to the heavy snow. This week, my intention was to visit a club whose nickname is The Magpies - you can guess what colours they play in! They're not the only club with an unoriginal nickname though. How many teams that play in red call themselves The Robins, for example?

My personal favourite nickname is The Bloods (Droylsden FC). Very gothic! Proof that you don't have to be called The Robins, just because you have a red breast!

I had a ponder about the nickname of the Wessex League team that I occasionally watch when I'm not elsewhere in the county (Romsey Town). I didn't know it, so I checked on their website, flicked through an old programme, found their entry in the Non-League Club luck! They don't appear to have one at all! I guess the closest they have to a nickname would be "Town", but I was sure they could do better...

Romsey Town play in white, so the easiest nickname to apply would be The Lilywhites, which is probably the most common name for a club that plays in such a strip. However, looking at the snowman that I built with my children on Friday - wearing my Romsey Town bar scarf - I thought that "The Snowmen" would be a grand nickname! I'm having second thoughts now though - it doesn't sound ruffty-tufty enough to be a proper nickname... I don't suppose it would ever catch on.

We'll stick with "Town" then.


  1. Yeah we've never had a nickname that I can remember other than Town. I've never heard anyone call us anything else

  2. A nickname isn't something that you can force on a club. It has to come naturally, so it's probably not the best idea to make one up like this. Although, having said about The Nightingales (in honour of Florence Nightingale)? I quite like that one!