Sunday, 19 May 2013

End of Season Roller Round-Up 2012/2013

Team Solent's caged animals.
The season is over, so it's time to look back at the remaining groundsmen's equipment for 2012/13:

I started 2013 with a short trip to Team Solent (within the report, I predicted that opponents Whitchurch United had blown their chances of promotion with a 0-4 defeat...they subsequently went on a phenomenal winning streak and ended the season as runners-up to Brockenhurst. Note to self: no more predictions next season). The students have hidden their equipment away in a locked cage outside the ground. Their big red roller looks like an entrapped and vicious carnivore. Woe betide any fool who sticks their fingers inside. It looks hungry!

A shiny shiny roller at Alresford Town.
A cold winter's day in Alresford followed. Now, there were no rollers visible on the day of the match, but the town looked quite pleasant, so on another trip a few days later, I was delighted to see that the groundsman had left his storage shed open as he tended to the pitch. A quick peek inside, and the shiny creature above was spotted.

Another caged animal, this time, a blue beast, at Hayling United.
Later on in February, I had another freezing day out in the Wessex League at Hayling United's College Ground. Behind the covered standing area, there were two cages, not dissimilar in style to Team Solent. Cage one contained a friendly-looking blue roller, paintwork the same colour as my fingers as I took the above snap...

Fierce-looking mowers at Hayling United.
...Just beyond the blue roller lived the Gang Of Three - three vicious, snarling mowers ready to attack at the slightest provocation. Last seen as enemies in the boss stage of an ancient Nintendo game.

Alton Town's mystery equipment.
Alton Town had an interesting piece of equipment hidden away in a hedge, which was near some teenagers who were selling souvenir badges on their big day of protest in March. They laughed at me as I took the above photo. I felt sad and small at the time, but am currently having the last laugh, as I have this fine photo in my possession and they don't! Now to try and work out what this equipment actually did...

Don't mess with United Services Portsmouth's big blue rhino.
Another caged beast was spotted at United Services Portsmouth towards the end of the season. It looks like a motorised roller that you can ride on. It may even have a cherry-picker extension for changing floodlight bulbs? I'd like one of these to drive to work on. Nobody would dare cut me up whilst driving the Big Blue Rhino! Grrrr!

Petersfield Town's roller number one.
The best selection of rollers was saved for my last trip. Petersfield Town had three, all on the clubhouse side of the ground! I've shown two here, both of them veritable behemoths of the genre. Number two is enormous, like a big rusty hippo. I patted them both and they didn't bite...

Petersfield Town's roller number two.
The various rollers and tractors from the first half of the season can be viewed here. 2011/2012's equipment can be viewed here and here.

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