Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Hopping Around Hampshire Map of the Sydenhams Football League (Wessex)

Add, Organize, Import...The HAH story map under construction.
Now that England are out of the Euros, outplayed by Iceland (just think if they'd got through - it was Tesco's in the quarters...okay, you've heard all the jokes as well...), attention will soon turn to the start of the new domestic season. Most clubs are back in training for 2016/17, with some starting their pre-season friendly schedule this weekend.

The Sydenhams Wessex Football League begins again in just over a month. If you're a groundhopper and you're considering visiting any Wessex clubs during the forthcoming season, I've made you a map to help you find your way around the league. Okay, I made it for myself because I fancied making a story map, but if anybody else finds it useful, I've made it public, so you can bookmark it and use it as and when you see fit.

It's not just for groundhoppers - players, club officials, fans of any of the clubs involved may appreciate it, because not only is this a map in the conventional finding-a-location-sense, but I've added website and Twitter links for each club as well.

Click on the website links for your background information; click on the Twitter links for up to the minute match information - is the game I'm going to postponed, for example?

I've also added postcodes for those of you who use sat-navs, and Hopping Around Hampshire blog links - not for any self-publicity purposes, but they're a good source of extra photos, so you can see what your destination looks like before you arrive.

As far as I know, the website and Twitter links are up to date. I intend to keep them so throughout 2016/17, but if there are any changes and I miss them, please let me know and I shall fix ASAP.

Where is this map? It's here! Or you can click on the link to the story map on the right if you're viewing this on a PC or tablet.

It should work on most devices. I hope some of you find it useful.

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