Tuesday, 26 April 2011

AFC Totton Are Champions!

It was so hot at Gosport, that it became a Shirts v Skins game.
AFC Totton won the Southern League Division One South And West title with a nervy 1-0 victory on Gosport Borough's hard and bumpy pitch yesterday afternoon.

It wouldn't be fair to make this my feature on Gosport - it was very much Totton's day - so I'll visit them for a less important match and write specifically about them another time. Instead, this is a photo gallery of Totton's celebrations...

A Gosney free-kick, as seen from Gosport's large stand.

Nail-biting Totton fans behind the Gosport goal with minutes remaining.

The final whistle blows, and it's time to start the celebrations!

We won the league!

Gathered in the dugout.

Oi! Don't be so modest! But what happened to the players' shirts?

Ah-ha! Here's one! Proud as punch with the prized number 10 shirt!

A guard of honour as the players make their way back to the dressing rooms.

All quiet again at Gosport. Pompey's Spinnaker Tower visible behind the semis.


  1. Well, what can you say... 377 there as well. I was walking barefoot in the New Forest and can confirm the ground is indeed hard and bumpy.

  2. About half the crowd were from Totton. All of them wanted the final whistle to blow from about the 38th minute onwards (when they took the lead).

    And a holiday in Pripyat? When does it start? "When can you get here?" I suspect the answer would be.